I MING e le Dinastie Cinesi

By Luckyjor

Dinastia Song
Galleria Immagini 
Veduta di Hangzhou, capitale dei Song Meridionali- Per gentile concessione di China Highlights

Metropolitan Museum
Attendant Bodhisattva, China, Northen Song  Dynasty (960-1127),10th-11th Century
Foxglove with traces of gesso and pigment; single woodblock construction ; H. 115,6 cm.) Sculpture
 Roger Fund, 1928 AN. 28.123

Metropolitan Museum
Buddha Shakyamuni (Shijiamouni) with Attendant Bodhisattvas, China, Southern Song  Dynasty 
(1127-1279) - Yuan (1271-1368) Dynasty,12thC - 14th Century.Sculpture, Mammoth Ivory. H 23,5 cm.
 Fletcher Fund, 1934,  AN. 34.26.1a,b

Metropolitan  Museum
Portrait of Bi Shichang, from the set Five Old Men of Suiyang China, Northern Song  Dynasty, (960-1127)
before 1056, Albun Leaf; ink and color on silk 40 x 32,1 cm. Painting  
Rogers Fund, 1917, AN. 17.170.1

Metropolitan  Museum
Ewer, China, Northern Song dynasty (960-1127) 11th-12th C. Stoneware with incised, carved and relief
 decoration under celadon glaze (Northern celadon ware); H. 21 cm. Ceramic
 Gift of Mrs. <samuel T. Peters, 1926.- AN. 26.292.73

Metropolitan  Museum
Ma Yuan (Chinese active ca, 1190-1225), Scholar Viewing a Waterfall China, Southern Song dynasty 
(1127-1279), 12th-early 13th century, Album Leaf; ink and color on silk. 25,1 x 26 cm. Painting 
 HEx coll: C.C. Wang Family, Gift of The Dillon Fund, 1973 AN. 1973.120.9 

Metropolitan  Museum
Twenty-five Bust Portraits of Scholars, China, Song dynasty (960-1279); Handscroll; ink and color
 on paper. 28,6 x 314,3 cm. Painting. Seymour Fund, 1955. AN. 55.37 

M. Ford Creech Antiques & Fine Arts
Of 6 - petaled lotus form in a pale blue green Quingbai glaze, the interior finely incised with an open 
lotus blossom; unglazed foot. With E&J Frankel, Ltd, NYC, bearing label
Per gentile concessione di M.Ford Creech

Intrerno di casa del Villaggio Song di Hongcun. 
 Per gentile concessione di Mondo Segreto (mondosegreto.eu)

M. Ford Creech Antiques & Fine Arts
The small jar of baluster form with molden design of lotus blossoms and leaves over a horizontal
band surmounting upright lotus leaves, having a pale Yingqing glaze.
Per gentile concessione di M.Ford Creech